Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

You (student/customer) have signed up for this course for the purpose of preparing for the Driving Lesson/Certification Program. All techniques and materials are the exclusive property of Asia Driving School ("ADS"). You agree not to disclose, sell or distribute any information, written or spoken, obtained from ADS, to any third party.

All trademarks, service marks, logos, model and brand names, emblems and protectable trade dress elements, whether explicitly marked or not, (individually and collectively, "Marks") used on this Website are believed to be owned by Asia Driving School, or joint partners, or are believed to be used with permission. All Marks are subject to U.S. (federal and state) and international trademark, unfair competition and other intellectual property laws.

You may not copy, reproduce, download, upload, post, display, broadcast, transmit, distribute, publish, republish, encode, translate or otherwise use any Materials or Marks provided on this Website in any form, by any means, in any medium, or by any information storage or retrieval system without the express written permission of ADS.

CONFIDENTIALITY: In no event will Asia Driving School disclose, sell or distribute any information, written or spoken, obtained from clients/student with third party unless requested by legal party or court order. Disclaimer: In no event shall Asia Driving School staff or instructor's be liable for loss of private property and/or documents.

DISPUTE RESOLUTION: All disputes under Administrative Driving Code, Title 92, Chap. II, Part 1060.80 shall be directed to the Illinois Secretary of State Office. Entire Agreement: This agreement constitutes the entire contract between the school and the student, and no verbal assurances or promises not contained herein shall bind the school or the student.

WEBSITE: AsiaDrivingSchool.com implements the use of a pixel for use in behavior marketing.

In the event that the method of payment is returned for insufficient funds, student will be responsible for any bank fees along with the remaining balance. In the event that your balance is not paid in full by 90 days, you will be responsible for total billed charges, collection costs, and reasonable attorney fees.

ADS may, at its own discretion, change course schedules and locations and, on rare occasions, cancel a course. You understand that enrollment is taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. ADS may dismiss any student who has not paid tuition, in full, in accordance with our tuition policies or who, in ADS's opinion, is disruptive during driving lessons.

INSTRUCTION PERMIT: Each student must have a valid driver's instruction permit in his or her possession when engaged in vehicle operation, if you forget a permit on the day of the lesson $45 rescheduling fee will be assessed.

DRIVING TEST: Behind the wheel instruction is private. However, if you choose to take the Road Test without a lesson attached, you may be scheduled with an instructor that is already going to the Secretary of state with another student. When scheduling for a Road exam our licensed instructor will determined if you are a safe driver able to be placed in line for the exam. If instructor determines you are not a safe driver a lesson will take place in lieu of the Road Test. Keep in mind that we will provide home pick up only if road test is combined with a lesson. If you don't require home pick up you will be set up according to our instructor's schedule to meet at the Secretary of State or at the public transportation nearest to the Secretary of State.

SERVICE AT THE SECRETARY OF STATE: Two hours are allotted for the Road Test including drop off. Any additional time spent at the Secretary of State due to delays in line or other factors, including the need to resolve documentation, eligibility or license issues will be charged at an hourly rate of $50 ($50 minimum). Upon departure from the Secretary of State, students can choose to be dropped off at the nearest CTA transportation station (rather than at home) to avoid incurring the additional $50 per hour charge when the total time spent for the Road Test exceeds two hours. Students can choose to reschedule the Road Test for another time so they can resolve issues independently but will still be required to pay $45 to re-schedule.

Cell Phones/Electronic Devices: Use of cell phones and/or any other portable electronic devices during driving lessons is strictly prohibited. Additionally, students are asked to turn off/put on silent all cell phones and/or any other portable electronic devices during driving lessons. Students who do not follow these guidelines will be excused from the lesson and no attendance/BTW lesson credit will be given for such dates occurrence. CANCELLATION Policy: Appointments with Asia Driving School (ADS) will be confirmed by email. It is the responsibility of the student to give ADS a 24 business hours' advance notice for any cancellations to avoid a last-minute cancellation fee of $45 per two (2) hour lesson.

IN-LESSON CANCELLATION: A lesson is considered to have begun when the instructor arrives at the location of the lesson at the scheduled time. The lesson may then be cancelled if the student chooses not to take the lesson, is not wearing adequate footwear, lack of sleep, intoxication, medication, or if the student refuses to follow the instructors directions (especially and including reckless student behavior.) A lesson so cancelled shall be considered fulfilled as far as the obligations of ADS.

REFUNDS: If student/customer requests a refund prior to the first lesson we will under discretion process the refund on a case to case basis. 30% processing fee will be applied to all refunds. If you choose to discontinue your package at any point student/customer will have credit for a 1 year period, from date purchased. If you decide to stop all lessons with ADS, credit may be use for a friend/family member of your choice. Note: If Instructor decides to stop a lesson while in progress, due to student not properly listening/following instructions, student will not be refunded for that lesson.

FOOTWEAR POLICY (during driving lessons): Students will not be permitted to wear sandals or open-toed shoes of any kind during driving lessons. Shoes must be worn during driving lessons and must cover the entire foot from toe to heel (close-toed shoes). IT'S NOT PERMITTED TO WEAR SANDALS OR HEELS DURING YOUR DRIVING LESSON.

In addition to all terms and conditions TEENS will also abide by the following:

ATTENDANCE FOR TEEN DRIVING PROGRAMS: Students who are absent for any scheduled classroom sessions will be given make-up instructions/assignments. Student is responsible for scheduling make-up sessions with Instructor/Teen Coordinator. Students who are absent for more than 4 classroom sessions will be dropped from the program and will be required to re-enroll at a later date with a re-enrollment fee of $45. No partial or full refund will be given to students dropped as a result of being absent for more than 4 classroom sessions, including behind the wheel lessons.

RE-ENROLLMENT FEE: If a student wishes to enroll in a classroom course section other than the classroom course section for which s/he originally register, s/he has up to the second day after the original class began to re-enroll in another available classroom course section. There will be a re-enrollment fee of $45 to re-assign the student in a different classroom course section.

SCHEDULING BEHIND THE WHEEL: All enrollment and registration forms must be turned in and payment must be received in full in order to schedule behind the wheel (BTW) lessons. BTW lessons must be completed within 1 year from purchase date. After one year of purchase date, the remaining hours will be billed at a regular behind the wheel hourly rate.

CANCELLATION NOTICE FOR TEEN DRIVING PROGRAMS: When scheduling a driving lesson, it is required to give at least a 24-hour notice during business hours to cancel or reschedule any scheduled behind-the-wheel lessons. Students unable to attend a lesson who do not cancel or reschedule their lessons at least 24 hours in advance will be charged $45 cancellation fee. All canceled lessons must be rescheduled in order for the student to complete the required driving time mandated by Secretary of State. The Student will receive confirmation email for any lesson scheduled with ADS.

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