Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews - Asia Driving School Chicago IL Magali Carvalho

Just got my license after having few behind the wheel training with Me Akif. I'm from another country with a terrible driving experience and Mr Akif helped me get the confidence I needed to drive safely. I highly recommend Asia Driving School.

Customer Reviews - Asia Driving School Chicago IL Latanya Moore

I sent my teen age daughter to this school. I am happy to chose this school. They are very organized and very helpful. Now my daughter is driving with safety and confidence. I highly recommend this school to learn the better way. There are charges are lot better then other places.

Customer Reviews - Asia Driving School Chicago IL Syed Ahmed

I sent my teen age daughter for Drivers Ed course. I am very happy that I made that choice. Asia Driving school taught my daughter in class and also gave her 8 hours of driving class. Very good staff. Now she is driving with confidence and I am not worried about her driving.

Customer Reviews - Asia Driving School Chicago IL Ruiqi Xi

I had a solid experience with Syed. As I was licensed before, and had plenty of driving experience outside the country, i took the 1 Hour Adult Driving Course, which includes 1hour behind-the-wheel training and the road test, to familiarize with the car a little bit before going on the test. Syed obviously knows her stuff, she knows the route that the DMV will take you on your road test, and tells you everything you need to know to pass it. Very patient, and very comfortable to talk with. I would recommend Asia Driving School to anyone out there looking to get their license. Also, the car they used was a Toyota Prius if anyone is wondering. Small car, easy handling for road tests.

Customer Reviews - Asia Driving School Chicago IL RAVI SRINIVASAN

This is a really good driving school and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to master the basis of driving. Akif is a really good instructor who has a lot of patience and guides you very well at each and every step.He would also let you know the exact amount of classes required based on your driving skills.All in all this is one of the best driving schools in and around Chicago and is worth the money you spend.

Customer Reviews - Asia Driving School Chicago IL O'Laundra Robinson

I took about 6 hours of driving classes with Mr. Akif , and might I say what an amazing experience it was. His level of confidence and patience in me really made a difference. He is a great teacher the best I ever had. So glad I got the honor of having him as a teacher. He is not just that ,but I would like to call him a friend now. I recommend him to anyone looking to get there license.

Customer Reviews - Asia Driving School Chicago IL amas baah

I did three hours of driving class with Asia Driving School before my driving test and passed!!! I did only 3 hour class because I have some driving experience. My Driving test with the DMV examiner was like a repetition of my last 30 minutes class and it helped me to drive smoothly without panic. It's highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn driving and acquire a Driver's License.

Customer Reviews - Asia Driving School Chicago IL Christian kedir

I have learned Driving from this school very good learning experience. I love the school. I got my License in first attempt.

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