Driving Instructor

Driving Instructor will ensure that all students learn how to drive safely and develop skills required to develop citizens who will use roads and highway transportation system in a competent, safe, and responsible manner as a professional driver. The candidate must be dedicated to delivering the instruction necessary to ensure the successful completion of driver education and to equip the student with the defensive driving skills needed to navigate safely. Driving Instructors will teach appropriate behind the wheel driving lessons and skills by utilizing curriculum material adopted by the school, as well as providing appropriate supplemental and teacher-made lessons; incorporate appropriate alternate learning methods that accommodate the range of learning styles and needs of students on the roads; create a learning environment that encourages positive social interaction, active engagement, and self-motivation; and, actively keep themselves upraised on improvement activities, instructional planning, and assessment development.

Mandatory Qualifications

Associates/Bachelor's Degree in Education or related field. Minimum 5 years Driving License. Candidate must have driver's teaching experience, strong communication skills, be innovative, organized, and have a high level of energy.

Desired Qualifications

Strength of academic background, professional experience, interview performance, and references will be considered during the selection process. Ideal candidate should also:

  • Have the ability to teach
  • Be passionate about teaching
  • Be friendly and have patience
  • Be ready to be part of a collaborative team
  • Be open to receiving feedback and support
  • Demonstrate initiative and persistence

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensure that all students learn to drive and develop skills required to be safe and defensive drivers
  • Ensure the successful completion of driver's education
  • Make sure all necessary documents and paperwork is turned in by specified deadlines
  • Support the mission and vision of our organization and school
  • Begin class promptly at scheduled time and supervise any students enrolled in the Driver's Ed. Program
  • Maintain and demonstrates discipline and order

How to apply

Send Resume, cover letter and 1 professional letter of recommendation to No calls please.

Office Personnel

Position Overview

Reporting to the Office and Facilities Manager, a permanent position is available for a flexible office / team assistant within Asia Driving School.

You will be required to assist a growing team of Driver's Training/Teaching  staff and senior managers and assist the Office and Facilities managers to provide overall management of the Asia Driving School office.

The position is based in Chicago, IL.

Job Responsibilities

  • Ensure day to day running of the office
  • Act as front-of-house answering incoming calls/ receiving visitors
  • Point of contact for all service providers including facilities, suppliers
  • Inputting purchase orders, processing invoices and other financial administration tasks
  • General administration for the team.
  • Coordinate local and international internal and external meetings
  • Organizing catering for meetings
  • Maintain good professional relationships with suppliers/vendors
  • Assist in the on-boarding of new starters in the office


  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Good computer literacy, including Microsoft Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Be honest, reliable and presentable
  • Prioritization and time management
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Ability to work effectively within a team
  • Experience working with executives and senior managers is a plus

How to apply

Send Resume, cover letter and 1 professional letter of recommendation to No calls please.

Sales & Marketing Executive

  • Required for our Aurora Office.


How to apply

Send Resume, cover letter and 1 professional letter of recommendation to No calls please.

(773) 764 5399