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IN-CLASS TEENS COURSE STARTING OCTOBER 5TH [Mon-Thu 3:30-5:30 pm] @ 3122 West Devon Only


How old do I have to be to start class?

You can enroll for a class after you turn 15 years old.

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What are your extra charges?

There is no hidden fee or charges. You only pay for the class.

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Do I have to pay for my insurance?

No all driving school cars are insured, you don’t have to pay anything extra for the insurance.

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Do you have home pickup?

We have pick up facility only for adults enrolling for courses behind the wheel. Those joining other courses have to come to our office location.

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Do you have a payment plan?

For teen classes yes we do have a payment, for packages you have to pay upfront.

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How old do I have to be to get my permit?

You can apply for your permit after you turn 15 and enrolled in Drivers Ed program.

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Can I get my permit before I start my Driver Ed class?

You can get your permit if you have enrolled in a Driver Ed course, have completed the first four hours of class, and begin your Driver Ed course within 30 days.

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What identification will I need to get my permit? Or my license?

For both your permit and license, you will need:

  1.  Certified copy of your birth certificate or
  2. A valid passport or a state ID (if you are under 18, you can use your high school ID with picture)
  3.  Social Security card
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What form must I submit for residency proof?

You must submit 2 forms for residency proof.

For Teen:

  1. Most recent report card.
  2. Letter from the high school dated within 90 days.
  3. Recent bank statement.

For Adults:

  1. Lease
  2. Utility Bills.
  3. Recent bank statement
  4. Recent credit card statement.

State ID’s can be used for any of the above.

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How long must I hold my permit before I can get my license?

Nine months or until you turn 18, whichever comes first.

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Do I need my permit/license with me when I go out driving?

Yes, you must always have your permit/license with you when you drive.

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When can I start driving?

You can start driving after the 14th day of your class room session.

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Can I choose my own hours?

Yes you have to let us know when you are available for your driving classes.

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Is weekend and evenings are available?

Yes we do offer lessons on weekends and evening.

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How many classes can I miss?

You are only allowed to miss upto 4 classes. You have to makeup those classes later.

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Do I have any time limit to finish the missing sessions?

Yes, you have to finish the course within 6 months period.

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What is the url of website of Secretary of State?

Do I need a Certificate of Completion for an Adult Driver Education course to apply for an Illinois Instruction Permit?

No. You will only be required to submit the Certificate of Completion for an Adult Driver Education Course when applying for the Illinois Driver’s License.

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How do I make-up what I miss?

The office will let you know when you can reschedule those classes and you can do some assigned work which could be provided by the instructor.

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What if I don’t take any class after I receive my permit?

Your permit will be cancelled if you did not finish your Driver’s Ed Course.

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How long do I have to finish my Teen course?

The state requires all students to be complete their class room and BTW classes within 9 months

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What if I could not complete my Driver’s Ed course?

Then you may have to retake the whole course again.

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What is 6 hours Adult program?

State law requires anyone who is between 18 to 21 years of age, has to take this course.

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Do I have to take 6 hours Adult Program, even though I have completed my Driver’s Ed?

No, If you have completed the Driver’s Ed, you don’t have to take this course.

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Do I need any proof for my driver’s ed program?

Yes you need to provide the proof, if you cannot then you have to take 6 hours Adult course.

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Can I finish 6 hours Adult course in one day?

Yes, you can complete the 6 hours Adult in 1 day. The course is of 6 hours which can be completed in 1 day or 3 days depending upon the your choice.

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Do I have to take the driving class too?

This course is design only too be taken in a classroom setting. However, you are encouraged to have at least 20 hours of practice behind-the-wheel training before obtaining your driver license.

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What materials are covered?

The course covers a traffic safety topics including but are not limited to road signs, highway signs, markings, traffic laws etc. This course also covers Risk management, decision making, how to avoid accidents, impaired driving, driver distractions due to use of cell phone, tabs and other gadgets while driving, speed limits, night driving, bad weather, use of safety belt, right-of-way and other such relevant matters.

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Do I have to take any type of test when I take the Adult Driver Education course?

Yes. The provider requires a written test at the end of the six hour course to ensure successful completion of the course itself. You must take and successfully complete the test.

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After completing 6 hour Adult course, do I have to take the written test to apply for my permit?

No. However, the applicant will have to take mandatory tests at Secretary of State facility. The said permit tests includes a vision and written test.

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AIthough I have successfully completed my Adult Driver Education Course, I never received an acknowledgement from the course provider so I don’t have a Certificate of Completion. What should I do?

You can contact your course provider they will assist you in that matter.

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I am moving to Illinois and have an out of state driver’s license; do I have to take the Adult Driver Education Course prior to obtaining my Illinois driver’s license?

No. You will be required to surrender the out of state driver’s license and take the applicable test(s). No proof of having taken an Adult Driver Education Course will be required.

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