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Adults 10 Hours BTW Only

$480.00 $430.00

TEEN CLASSES STARTING 1st Monday Every Month [Mon-Thu 4:30-6:30 pm]

Adults 10 Hours BTW Only

This adults drivers ed class comprises of 10 hours behind the wheel driving lessons. This is complete driving course for young adults living in Chicago. Our Adult Driving courses include behind the wheel training on the streets within Chicago area. This is purely practical course based on Behind The Wheel driving lessons therefore, there is no in-classroom training, quiz or tests.

$480.00 $430.00

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Adults Drivers Ed Course: 10 Hrs Behind The Wheel Driving Lessons

Top rated Adult Drivers Ed class that covers all aspects of any advanced level driving lessons course. In this adult driving course, our adult students and senior citizens learn to drive safely on the residential streets of Chicago, business districts, highways, parking lots, and everything between. In some cases, Driving Lessons are video recorded for safety and insurance purposes.


  • 10 Hours Behind The Wheel Drivers Ed
  • Discount – $50



Program Type – Adult Drivers Ed
    Lectures – 0
    Quizzes – 0
    Duration – 10 Hrs
     Best For – Adults and Senior Citizens
     Coverage Area – Chicago
     Skill Level – All Levels
    Language – English
    Assessments – Self

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